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5 things you should know before hiring a paintless dent repair company

Highest reviews in Pittsburgh for quality service in the paintless dent repair industry !

Read up on this little infographic we put together to help our customers make better decisions about what service the hire to work on their car truck or SUV. Not all paintless repair providers are equal.  

paintless dent repair bethel park, pa

Bethel park bumper repair

Bethel Park Bumper Repair 

You too can get mobile service in home or office, read on to learn the ins and outs of a mobile bumper repair 

paintless dent repair bethel park, pa

Our client called and scheduled this repair in Bethel Park, PA just after the new year.  We arrived onsite and removed the dent in the driveway in about 1.5 hours.  Heres how we did it;

We find a way to get behind the bumper dent, whether its from the tail light, or actually removing part of the bumper which we describe in another blog post where we repaired a honda odyssey.  

Next we add massive amounts of heat, then push the bumper from behind.  Yes you may be able to do some of this work, but pushing in the right spot and hyper cooling the dent to lock in the released pressure is key to holding the new shape. 

Often times there will still be crowns or smiles from the pressure, those too can be reduced by adding more heat, and then holding the crown down while super cooling the panel.  Finally we use the actual paintless dent repair method to do any finish work needed on the bumper cover.  This involves using our paintless tools to push from behind while maintaining the paint finish.  

bethel park painless repair
Mt. Lebanon, pa dent repair

Mt. Lebanon paintless dent repair

Mt. Lebanon paintless dent repair

Dents repaired on site at your home or work  Guaranteed.

Mt. Lebanon, pa dent repair

This customer reached out about the repairability of this dent. Honestly we weren't sure about the overall repair outcome because there is a significant amount of broken paint right on the door edge.  

This always reduces the overall value of paintless repairs because at the end of the day there is still an issue.  This customer however was more concerned about retaining the factory finish.  It was an Acura TL, 2007 model year. the paint was in great condition but matching 9 year old red paint thats lived in western PA its' whole life would indeed be a challenge.  So we fixed the damage and a few dings on the opposite side and made another happy customer. 

Three Rivers Dent Paintless dent repair
paintless collision repair pittsburgh

Honda CR-V deep dent

Honda CRV Deep Dent Repair Pleasant Hills 

How we handle oversize and stretched dent repairs even when they need to go to a conventional body shop 

paintless collision repair pittsburgh

"see what you can do" was the phrase I heard approaching this deep damage at a local honda dealership.  This is not your ordinary door ding.  No, this is deep stretched metal and high strength steel. 

When the panel was dented it rolled the body line the way you would kick a throw rug, leaving ripples of displaced metal above the body line.  Removing the displaced metal was challenge.  This dent did not come put 100% however if we had removed the door panel and spent more time I am confident a higher level of repair quality could have been achieved.  

As always we are up against price and performance when working in dealership accounts.  They need everything within a cost parameter and need tp sell cars.  We removed objections by fixing the dents onsite. Call today if you have this sort of damage, we can craft a solution that suits your specific needs 412-656-3368

honda paintless dent removal

The list of paintless dent repair tools used in any given repair can be exhaustive.  Check out our Tools page for more information on the tools we use and where we buy them from

glue pulling paintless dent repair

new car delivery | Chevrolet Dent Repair

New car delivery Chevrolet Dent repair

A local chevy dealer called with an emergency; they dented a new car that was scheduled for delivery that day,  check it out! 

chevy dent repair

Before paintless dent repair 

The Chevrolet dealer called us with an emergency; they had a vehicle sold and it came off the car carrier with a dent in the hood.  this car has high strength steel; its very difficult to remove dents from such and as a result is a little more expensive to repair.

The dent came out great and the customer took delivery of his car on time.  This is a great example of why PDR is so superior to conventional body shop methods; the  car w as repaired in hours not days.  The factory finish is intact and there is no carafax report or potential for future loss of value.  If you have dents like this don't hesitate to give us a call.

paintless ent repair 412-656-3368

Crease dent 2017 Chevy Equinox

pittsburgh dent repair
mobile dent repair
whitehall, pa paintless repair

BMW extreme paintless dent repair Whitehall, PA

Whitehall,PA | New to client BMW 3 series damaged by his own work truck - saved with paintless dent repair 

Yes our client backed into his own vehicle.  He had searched for this car for quite some time, learn how we made the save as he refused to paint his own car.

whitehall, pa paintless repair

Yes, look closely and you will see a tiny crease that remains on the left and deepest part of the crease dent.  This repair is an exception to our normal near perfect repairs.  The customer refused to paint his car, and we initially turned down the job.

After some nudging and reconsideration, we came out on Saturday and spent the better part of the day working on this crease dent.  

Limited access from the trunk, so we knew that removing the rear bumper cover would reveal more ways to get our dent repair tools on the dent, making a better overall repair .

paintless repair whitewall, pa BMW
bumper access BMW dent repair

With the bumper cover removed, we gained access here .

Removing parts and panels is serious business, nuts, bolts, retainer clips and screws were all removed in this process.  They all have to go back on correctly.  

BMW extreme dent removal
mobile dent removal Porsche 911

Porsche Carrera quarter panel dent

Porsche Carrera Paintless Dent Repair

Don't let dents and dings end your fun, watch how we can massage dents out of your toys whether its a car, truck SUV or sportster we can help.

Hello from Pittsburgh, PA! today we are talking about a Porsche 911 Carrera S. This is one fine automobile with just one, well two small problems; dents.  

mobile dent removal Porsche 911

This client reached out to us from South Carolina or at least that is what the caller ID said.  After speaking with him we identified the damage, and set an appointment to repair his baby.

He searched for over 1 year in an effort to find the right 911 Porsche that would satisfy his needs.  This sample had just 2800 miles on the odometer and when our client was washing the car, the hose bib fell directly onto the top of the rear quarter panel.

He was clearly unsure of the merit of paintless dent repair but when we arrived on site at his home in Waterdam Commons in McMurray, PA I think his fears were put to rest.

It took just minutes to remove the tail light lens and gain access to the 2 dents.  From there it didn't take long at all to get the Porsche 911 back to pre-damage condition.  Our clients said and i quote "I'll be damned you really got them out, I can't believe it!"

Another win for paintless dent repair - Repaired by Justin Huffman

Call us anytime 412-656-3368

three rivers dent Pittsburgh, PA
Porsche paintless dent repair
dent removal dodge ram

dodge ram bedside dent repair

dodge ram bedside dent repair

Hello Pittsburgh! Today we bring you a mobile dent repair from a Dodge dealer in the South Hills of Pittsburgh. The truck was set to be delivered and on that day another customer backed into it leaving a massive dent in the bedside.

Normally a dent of this size would need a body shop repair however the dealer was wise to call us out for an inspection of the dent damage.  It took right about 4 hours to make this repair happen.  Be sure to click the HD button when you check out the video and leave a comment!  Repaired in McMurray, PA by Justin Huffman

If you have damage like this, give us a call we can help 412-656-3368