Paintless Dent Repair Pittsburgh

Paintless Dent Repair Pittsburgh 

Find out how the Three Rivers DentPaintless Dent Repair works, and how we can help you

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At Three Rivers Dent there are three main categories of services that we offer; paintless dent repair, bumper repair and hail damage repair. The first two can be completed 100% mobile while the third generally involves an insurance company and and an appointment in order to get your car estimated properly.  Click here to find out more about the insurance estimation process.  If you have bumper damage you can click here to find out more information about what it would take to get your bumper repaired if you have dents and dings click here to learn more about our dent repair process.

We have a blog which we posted from time to time highlighting the paintless dent repair process that we repair in the field.  You can click on the blog to find out more information.  If you want to check out our social media, see our Facebook page as well as our Instagram page to see what’s going on in Pittsburgh.  Do it yourselfers will love the content we provide on Youtube.  Lots of before and after repairs as well as educational content.

paintless dent repair

Repaired by Three Rivers Dent 100% perfect repair 

Paintless dent repair process involves using specialized tools pushing dents out from behind.  Some repairs require us to remove and re-install some parts such as head and tail lights, door panels and in some rare cases the door itself.

Other methods of paintless repair include using glue pulling systems made by various companies. this involves attaching a glue tab with special hot glue proprietary to the Paintless dent repair industry.  Then various devices pull on the head of the tab moving metal.  Rarely does this pulling effect repair the dent perfectly.  Often times shaping and blending need to be performed to finish the dent repair.  There are some advanced tool companies of which we use all of them on one dent or another.

Sometimes video is a superior vehicle to explain what it is we do and how we can help you.  Check out our youtube channel. There are many videos there regarding the paintless dent repair process from start to finish.  

door removed for paintless dent repair

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