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dent repair setup using glue pulling system

Save money by avoiding markup from a third party provider

Car Dealers, auto detailers, stereo shops don't have technicians onsite; they already call us direct to fix your dents and dings

before and after pictures of Honda CRV
Here's why using a dedicated dent repair shop (PDR) serves you better; here are the facts

Mobile retail repair scenario - means zero inconvenience just go about your day and we'll take care of it
Accurate pricing - large dent repairs are difficult.  You don't want a repair technician who has underestimated the complexity of your damage or the time and skill it takes to finish the correctly
Abide by manufacturer and insurance company guidelines See our page on the most up to date policies **
SAVE MONEY a third party provider will mark up the cost of the repair.  
Joe from Upper St. Clair found an auto detailing service offering  paintless dent repair at a great price.  He was instructed to bring the  car in on a Wednesday because thats the only day "their guy" comes in to repair the cars.    Wednesday comes and Joe learns he needs to drop the the car off for the day because they don't know when "their guy" will be in.  So a quick phone call home and his wife comes out to pick Joe up and take him to work.  The detail shop calls early that afternoon to let Joe know his car  won't be ready title the next morning. "their guy" was running behind #servicefail At Three Rivers Dent we offer same day service and we come to you at home or work.  Its just that simple.