Bumper Repair

Bumper Repair for your  car or SUV

We push out dented bumpers with heat and our paintless dent repair tools

bumper repair

This was a brand new Honda Odyssey our customer bought while in Virginia.  Being a new vehicle he was unsure of size and as a result backed it into his family members car.  What a bummer, but he called and we were able to remove the dent from the bumper and re-align the tabs on the cover. In doing this, we restored the bumper  to near perfect condition. 

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Finished! The bumper repair took about an hour.  We partially removed the bumper cover.  Due to the depth we applied heat to the dented area.  Next we pushed from the backside and this return most of the dented area to its original position.

After it cooled we applied more heat to the crown area and pushed it down, adding an icing agent to lock the plastic bumper back in place.  

bumper repaired by three rivers dent

At Three Rivers Dent, we fix more than bumpers.  We manage hail damage, dents and dings from shopping cars, stray baseball or golfballs.  We are mobile and we come to you at home or work so give us a  ring, we can help get you dent free.