Bethel Park PA

Auto Dent Removal Bethel Park PA

Paintless dent repair has never been more convenient with the help of Three Rivers Dent; we specialize in the art dent repair and provide the highest level of quality and service in Bethel Park, PA. 

When using a traditional auto body shop body panels are often drilled, grinded, sanded and bondo filler is applied to fill  the dent.   Using the paintless method we protect your original factory finish and the repair is made in hours not days.

Here at Three Rivers Dent we are able to perform dent repair including door dings and shopping cart style dents ranging from the size of a quarter all the way up to a football and often times even larger damage.  Also known as paintless collision repair we also offer hail damage repair from sever thunderstorms and acorn damage, which can be similar to hail damage just from a different impact point.  

Here is a sample of a repair we did in Bethel Park