Pricing of Dent Repair 

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Pricing factors include size, location and repair factors

How much will my dent cost to repair?

So often we get telephone inquiries where a customer will call and say "how much does dent repair cost ? it's really small it looks like it will pop out"    Due to many factors in the repair equation its hard to determine; lets take a look.
There are so many factors that go into creating a quality estimate to repair the damage on your vehicle which include:

Actual size of the damage - obstructed damage
Location of the damage -body/contour lines
quality of the paint - existing scratches 
high strength steel - laminated glass

At Three Rivers Dent we stop and take the time needed to gather enough information to give you a reasonable estimate over the telephone.  This is not a hard and fast estimate the actual damage on your vehicle is priced out based on size.   For more information on pricing and damage classifications goto PDR Nation orNAPDRT for details.  

Dent repair in fenders, hoods and trunks can be among the more easily accessible areas to gain access to the dent.  Check out our Educational series on gaining access during a dent repair.

Some of the more complicated areas include roofs doors and quarter panels; with quarter panels being the most obstructed area to repair.   The reason for this is that the quarter panel is only one of two areas on the car that are welded or glued into position.  The other areas are bolted on and can be removed.  Fenders can have the fender liner and or headlight removed to increase access.  
hond CRV dent repair
So let's talk a little bit about the actual dent repairs here and the scenarios behind them.  On the left you will see the bottom of a Honda CRV it has a very deep dent,  through the body line and displaced pressure.  This was for car dealer and you can read more about that here in our blog. The dealership was merely interested in making it look better.  The rate for this repair was $580

On the right is a Honda accord this customer wanted the dent absolutely perfect they were selling it to a family member and didn't want any problems.  This was difficult to access as it was in the quarter panel and passed through a body line.  We made a great repair you can read about at the blog.  The rate for this repair was $575

dent repair cost

Below is newly acquired BMW 3 series.  Customer was in a total loss accident and had only had this vehicle for a few days.  He refused to paint his car and was wiling to use the paintless dent repair method.  Dent repair cost was not an issue.  The rate was $900

dent repair cost was $900