June 8

Honda CR-V deep dent

Educational, Paintess Dent Repair


Honda CRV Deep Dent Repair Pleasant Hills 

How we handle oversize and stretched dent repairs even when they need to go to a conventional body shop 

paintless collision repair pittsburgh

"see what you can do" was the phrase I heard approaching this deep damage at a local honda dealership.  This is not your ordinary door ding.  No, this is deep stretched metal and high strength steel. 

When the panel was dented it rolled the body line the way you would kick a throw rug, leaving ripples of displaced metal above the body line.  Removing the displaced metal was challenge.  This dent did not come put 100% however if we had removed the door panel and spent more time I am confident a higher level of repair quality could have been achieved.  

As always we are up against price and performance when working in dealership accounts.  They need everything within a cost parameter and need tp sell cars.  We removed objections by fixing the dents onsite. Call today if you have this sort of damage, we can craft a solution that suits your specific needs 412-656-3368

honda paintless dent removal

The list of paintless dent repair tools used in any given repair can be exhaustive.  Check out our Tools page for more information on the tools we use and where we buy them from

glue pulling paintless dent repair


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