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is buying a hail damage car a good value

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Is buying a hail damage car a good value

What seems like a great price could lead to future loss of value and maybe even worse, a broken car.  

So while shopping for a great deal on a used car, our friend Vickie finds an incredible deal on a used Chevy Equinox but the thing is, the car has been in a hail damage storm and is in need of some paintless dent repair.

Vickie looks past the dents and focuses on the price, which is really several thousand dollars below the next best price at another dealer.  She decides to buy the car with the dents and it is what's considered an "as is " purchase.  

What Vickie didnt realize is that the cost of repairing the dents in her newly purchased car will go with the car when she  looks to sell the car in a few years.  This is known as future loss of value.  

The cost to repair the dents in her car is rightly $5,000.  This amount will be deducted from the future value of the car when she trades it in or sells outright.  The bottom line here is this, use caution and get repair estimates BEFORE you consider buying a hail damage car.  

USA Today Suggests nearly 60% of auto outdoor claims were attributed from hail and hail storms.  Also NOAA or the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration reports up to one billion dollars a year in storm damage.  SO the paintless dent industry is a billion dollar a year business.  That is a lot of dent repair to keep up on.

Want to learn more about pricing and paintless dent removal in general, head-on over to our pricing page you will find a price guide we use to determine the cost of any given repair.    

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