April 2

BMW extreme paintless dent repair Whitehall, PA

Educational, Paintess Dent Repair


Whitehall,PA | New to client BMW 3 series damaged by his own work truck - saved with paintless dent repair 

Yes our client backed into his own vehicle.  He had searched for this car for quite some time, learn how we made the save as he refused to paint his own car.

whitehall, pa paintless repair

Yes, look closely and you will see a tiny crease that remains on the left and deepest part of the crease dent.  This repair is an exception to our normal near perfect repairs.  The customer refused to paint his car, and we initially turned down the job.

After some nudging and reconsideration, we came out on Saturday and spent the better part of the day working on this crease dent.  

Limited access from the trunk, so we knew that removing the rear bumper cover would reveal more ways to get our dent repair tools on the dent, making a better overall repair .

paintless repair whitewall, pa BMW
bumper access BMW dent repair

With the bumper cover removed, we gained access here .

Removing parts and panels is serious business, nuts, bolts, retainer clips and screws were all removed in this process.  They all have to go back on correctly.  

BMW extreme dent removal


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