September 5

Porsche Carrera quarter panel dent

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Porsche Carrera Paintless Dent Repair

Don't let dents and dings end your fun, watch how we can massage dents out of your toys whether its a car, truck SUV or sportster we can help.

Hello from Pittsburgh, PA! today we are talking about a Porsche 911 Carrera S. This is one fine automobile with just one, well two small problems; dents.  

mobile dent removal Porsche 911

This client reached out to us from South Carolina or at least that is what the caller ID said.  After speaking with him we identified the damage, and set an appointment to repair his baby.

He searched for over 1 year in an effort to find the right 911 Porsche that would satisfy his needs.  This sample had just 2800 miles on the odometer and when our client was washing the car, the hose bib fell directly onto the top of the rear quarter panel.

He was clearly unsure of the merit of paintless dent repair but when we arrived on site at his home in Waterdam Commons in McMurray, PA I think his fears were put to rest.

It took just minutes to remove the tail light lens and gain access to the 2 dents.  From there it didn't take long at all to get the Porsche 911 back to pre-damage condition.  Our clients said and i quote "I'll be damned you really got them out, I can't believe it!"

Another win for paintless dent repair - Repaired by Justin Huffman

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Porsche paintless dent repair


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