May 5

new car delivery | Chevrolet Dent Repair

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New car delivery Chevrolet Dent repair

A local chevy dealer called with an emergency; they dented a new car that was scheduled for delivery that day,  check it out! 

chevy dent repair

Before paintless dent repair 

The Chevrolet dealer called us with an emergency; they had a vehicle sold and it came off the car carrier with a dent in the hood.  this car has high strength steel; its very difficult to remove dents from such and as a result is a little more expensive to repair.

The dent came out great and the customer took delivery of his car on time.  This is a great example of why PDR is so superior to conventional body shop methods; the  car w as repaired in hours not days.  The factory finish is intact and there is no carafax report or potential for future loss of value.  If you have dents like this don't hesitate to give us a call.

paintless ent repair 412-656-3368

Crease dent 2017 Chevy Equinox

pittsburgh dent repair
mobile dent repair


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