March 5

Pleasant Hills Ford bumper repair

Bumper Repair, Educational


Pleasant Hills Ford bumper repair 

Getting a dent stinks, getting a dent repaired is easy when you use the paintless dent repair method

repair ford bumper paintless dent repair

As we mentioned in several other posts regarding bumper repair, we find a way to get behind the bumper.  sometimes we take it off, sometimes through the taillight and sometimes from underneath.  Next we add some heat to the backside and push the dent out of the bumper from behind.  

You can try this yourself, but if you do make sure you find the trapped pressure in the bumper before you begin.  Usually it is at the crowning corner of the dent but sometimes it can be hiding inside a body line, such as the case here.  If you aren't sure and want some free advice, just call anytime.  You can send us a pic and we'll give our best advice on how to proceed.  


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