February 8

Castle Shannon Bumper Repair



Castle Shannon Bumper Repair

Fixing a bumper dent has never been easier - Scroll down and we'll show you how we do it

paintless dent removal

Imagine going to visit family out of state and a family member backs into your brand new Honda Odyssey? Or worse you back your brand new Odyssey into a family members car. Yes this happened, and yes they called Three Rivers Dent to make the save.  Here's how we did it ....

bumper repaired by three rivers dent

We partially removed the bumper cover, it unbolts like most things nice and easy. There are few screws hidden behind the rear mud flaps that can be tricky to find but that is where Honda puts them.

Next we add copious amount of heat to soften both the paint and the plastic to allow it to return to pre impact shape.  At this time you have to super cool the panel to hold the new shape.  If the shape holds examine for any small crowns or waves from the dent and at that time apply some paintless dent repair methods to finish off any low spots or waves in the panel, again using a super cooling method to lock in the new shape.

Coincidentally when we pull the bumper cover back the tabs will auto realign themselves unless they broke during impact.  

Reinstalling the bumper cover after the paintless repair process is completed is just as easy as taking it off. couple of screws, align the tabs and you are done.

Need us to look at a bumper dent repair? Just call anytime.   412-235-2873


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