January 4

Subaru outback mobile dent repair Greentree, PA



Subaru paintless dent repair 

Three Rivers Dent 412-235-2873

Today we are showing a dent repair on a 2016 Subaru Legacy. This automobile was beautiful! Leather seats, collision detection sunroof it was loaded out.  

crease dent for paintless repair

Only one problem was the rolled metal in the fender.  I can honestly say I cannot remember a time when there was so much displaced metal on this fender but no real signs of a dent.  i mean was dented in the traditional sense, the metal was in the wrong spot but it wasn't impacted.  Whatever hit the car seemed to have bounced off but yet left a ripple or wave of metal before it bounced back out.  All that remained was this ripple of metal you see in the pictures.  

The repair process begins with lifting the metal around the dent up above where it should be.  After that the knock down of the ridge or ripple begins and it settles back into position of where it was from the factory.  A final blend of the entire area makes al the metal go right back where it started.  

after repair three rivers dent

We have lots of videos on youtube that get into more detail of the actual repair process so go ahead and click on over there and watch some repairs in real time.  

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