December 17

South Side Dent Removal



Going to the Southside beware of vandals, find out the 3 things we can do to keep your car dent free in the "sah-side" of Pittsburgh | Here is south side dent removal for you

southside dent repair

Seriously there isn't much we can do for you to keep your car damage free anywhere let alone in the south side.  The good news is we  can remove dents, dings and hail damage from your car, truck or SUV.  WE offer tremendous advantage over traditional body shops where it can take up to 3 hours just to get an estimate.  At the three hour mark,  most Three Rivers Dent repairs would be finished already.   What is your time worth? And at competitive prices to conventional repair.  With less waste, and more preservation of your original finish.  

paintless dent south side

Using our paintless dent repair LED lights help to show everything going on inside the dent.  Pushing in the wrong spot will ruin the dent repair.  In this case, the pressure was released up high under the quarter panel glass.   You have to be a dent wizard in some cases to find where the pressure is, and sometimes even when you think you have found it, its wrong.

LED lights on dent repair
after grand cherokee paintless dent repair

This was about a three hour repair, and the sun came up over the house next to us while we were finishing touches.  

three rivers dent repair

call today we'll get you dent free


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