January 4

Mercedes Dent Repair



Painless Dent Repair on a brand new S550 Merceds Benz

Washington, PA Mercedes dealer brand new S550 gets hit by a shopping cart 

Upon viewing this damage, we initially turned down the repair.  This damage was on a brand new 120k vehicle.  It needed to be perfect, it was the demo for the owner of the Mercedes dealer.  

After some contemplation we decided to take a shot at it and with the help of the service department we had the inner panel removed as well as the carrier plate which houses the window motor assembly, speakers wiring etc.

The total time on the repair was about 9 hours over 2 days.   If you are interested in some videos check out our video page 

Paintless repair bottom of door 412-656-3368

Before we attempted paintless dent repair service

finished  the den repair three rivers dent


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