May 18

Mercedes CLA350 Dent Repair



Three Rivers Dent solving your Merceds dent repair needs for over 20 years! 

Our client, who is  the service director at the Mercedes dealership this car was repaired at was on the rails to trails walking path in McMurray, PA.  When he came back he was given this "gift" of a kicked in fender.  Terrible it happened but great that it can be saved using our paintless dent removal method.  Call today we can help you too.  412-656-3368

The reflective light you see is a reflection from our LED lighting system, created and used solely for the paintless dent repair industry.  The lights are adjustable both in terms of fade, intensity and angle.  They come either powered by 110v or 12v. Visit to learn more about the lights we use.  

paintless dent removal


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