April 5

Jeep Patriot Hood Dent



Mobile Dent Repair in McMurray, PA  

Jeep Patriot Hood dent repair, older but great condition for a local Chevrolet dealer Sun Chevy 

Hey Pittsburgh Here today we are showing you an older car for good reason.  This 2007 Jeep Liberty has just 44K miles on the odometer.  The paint is in great condition but has surely changed it's hue or color shade a little after 10 summers and 10 winters in Pittsburgh.

Three Rivers Dent hood repair on Jeep patriot
Why is this so important when it comes to repairing a large crease in the hood? The paint will not match; not now not ever.  Even being able to make new paint match 10 year old paint is difficult if not impossible.  The collision center use a technique called "blending" when repaint is necessary.  This technique feathers and slowly blends the new color onto the old color.  

Paintless Dent repair quality, it works!

The thinking behind the technique is the human eye cannot focus on more than one zone on a panel and any given time so the likelihood of detecting a repaint is more difficult.  But usually direct sunlight on the repaired area shows full well the blend zone and its subsequent shortcomings.
dent repair finished Three Rivers Dent

Now with the paintless dent repair process we use here in Pittsburgh ensures there is no repaint. Nothing to try to blend and nothing to waste.  Green technology is whats best for you, us, the car and the environment.  Yes this car had a slight scratch in the bottom of the dent and the client was elated at the excellent repair quality and nearly half of the cost of paintless dent repair vs traditional body shot repair; and it was done in 2 hours not 2 days.  

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