August 5

Honda lease return fender dent



Honda lease return fender dent

Choosing paintless dent repair is the right choice for this damage here is why...

honda accord paintless dent removal
three rivers dent

This repair was made in hours, not days.  The customer saved several hundred dollars off of what the lease turn in pre-inspection said it would cost.  We remove this dent by easing back the inner fender liner.  Next we used a patented tool from California toolmaker Sal Contreras.  His product is the dent dial.  We removed the dent in about 2 hours using our paintless dent repair method. If you have damage like this, just give us a call. We removed many dents like this you can check out our blog for more or even some videos that  show an in-depth look at the paintless dent repair method.  

after honda lease dent repair
there rivers dent 412-656-3368


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