December 13

Harmony F150 Long crease dent removal



Harmony Long Crease  Dent Removal

Long crease measured over 14" in one panel

ford long crease removal

Crease dent removal such as what you see here on this Ford F150 was repaired using a complicated drag method. We learned this repair from a gentleman from Lithuania named Kazamiras Stanliner.   He was teaching at the advanced skills seminar in Orlando Florida. Check it out here.

Our client is the chief of a local fire company and was interested in doing the removal of the door panel himself.  The only way to repair crease damage this long and deep is to remove the door panel. Otherwise, the repair would have a "zipper" look and feel to it.  

The cab corner was accessed through a small factory opening the corner underneath the truck.  The bedside was pushed out by laying on the ground and looking up at the dent.

For 2018 we are giving the bulk upload for wordpress a chance.  Enjoy the following images from the repair we made. 


Bumper Repair

Did you know we can repair bumpers on your car or SUV? the process does not include paintwork so not all bumper dents are repairable, you can call for details anytime.  Check out our reviews too. 


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