January 4

Ford 150 Dent Repair



Have dents in your F150? We are Ford tough

when it comes to ford truck beds, we have you covered; top down or bottom up we get it done.

paintless dent repair before F150 truck

UGH!!!! Did you hear the charlie brown voice just then? Thats what we thought upon seeing this Ford F150 dent in person.  The client sent us a picture but it just didn't look that deep.

Removing the taillight and the stake pocket allowed us access from the top and the bottom to make this right

It measured out to be over 6" wide and the "crowns" we have mentioned many times in the past.   If you missed the education series, a "crown" is the pushed metal on one or more edges of a dent.  This pressure locks the dent in and getting the dent to come out involves working the crown down while pushing the dent up.  Sometimes at the same time! 

after repair F150

This repair was conducted in mid December in Harrison City PA just outside PIttsburgh, PA .   For those that live locally you know its cold here in December, and as such we have to use heat, lots of it.  The dent here took about 160 degrees of constant heat to keep the paint warm and moving without damaging the paint.  

Bedslide in action doing paintless dent repair


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