November 10

Dent removal bmw Wexford



Wexford paintless dent repair 2012 BMW 5 series.

One of the worst areas for a dent happen is through a deep body line on any car truck or SUV.   

The reason is because the metal that is shaped into what we refer to a "body line" becomes harder and stronger.  It is in fact one of the reasons manufacturers use body lines on automobiles, to add strength to the panel and make its more rigid. 

In the example to the right our client offered to remove the inner panel and associated lighting above the license plate. This allowed our technician to get great control over the dent, using a dental for the bulk of the repair and then some tools from ultra dent tools to finish out the crown above the crease.  

wexford paintless dent repair

Mobile dent repair service is for you

three rivers dent pittsburgh, pa

Here in the finished repair picture, the crown pressure has been released and now the panel can relax to let the metal come back to its pre damaged condition.  Total time on this repair was about three hours.  The best part of this service is that we are a mobile dent repair service.

Our clients were inside enjoying their morning coffee and getting their things ready for the day while we fixed the dent in the garage.  


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