September 18

Carnegie Dent repair



Carnegie Dent repair using our paintless dent repair method

carnegie paintless dent repair

Crazy deep crease dent on an older Acura TL.  Our savvy client understood that painting an 8 year old car thats lived through 8 summers and 8 winters in Pittsburgh, PA is a bad idea.  Especially a red one.  Check out the before and after images of a killer paintless dent repair.  Then call us for your dent repair needs 412-656-3368

paintless dent removal

Paintless dent removal is much like photography. Controlling the light is critical in a quality repair.  

What remains of this acura dent repair is what was there when we began; a small scratch from whatever impacted the car.  Look at the pic in the top to confirm the scratch. 

Three Rivers Dent Paintless dent repair


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