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If you are reading this chances are we know each other and you have used Three Rivers Dent for your paintless dent repair needs at one time or another.  

One thing that was always difficult was managing customers expectations with regard to pricing, repairability and availability.  In days past, as an industry we serviced dealerships and body shops one day a week.  It was up to the contact person to get the repair needs to the dent repair tech. Tremendous resources were needed in order to achieve the repair; customer shuffling, pick up and drop off, etc. Rarely did this benefit the house as the service wasn't marked up for profit so it became a resource drain.  This is an old model that just doesn't work well any more. 

It's 2022 There is a better, cleaner, faster, and more efficient way to conduct paintless dent repair.  We have transitioned to a full retail concierge.  We service your customers at their home or work. Here is why its superior:

We estimate, schedule and perform repairs off site at customers location, this removes strain on the dealer floor - saving valuable time and energy otherwise wasted by salesmen, service writers, inventory managers etc.  

Heres how it goes; when you sign on to the Partner program you will be provided with a unique tracking number thats reserved only for you.   These numbers are provided by It is a data tracking service we use to manage our calls, and track conversions from paid services such as Youtube, Facebook, Google adwords and Bing ads.  

When you recommend our service, simply provide your client with your unique tracking number.  This number routes to our local phone numbers automatically and the call is tracked; date, time etc. We'll be able to see it came from you.  It even records the conversation so you can listen to the exchange for your own personal satisfaction that we are providing the highest level of service.  

The Money shot, how much will I make referring paintless dent repair service to you? 

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You choose the way to get paid; we offer 2 types that can be changed anytime but not during a client transaction.  The first is a flat $25 gift card for any repair.  The second is a straight 10% off the retail ticket. A typical door ding is 150.  This is a base price, and it depends on size and factors.  For the clients we are interested in, the cost is irrelevant.  The top level service and white glove care is the value.   Check out the pricing guide at the top of the page.  

This program is 100% transparent we will provide you with your customer cost and repair details anytime you request as well as the original call log can be emailed as a .mp3 file.

Keep in mind, this isn't 1996 and dents don't pop out and they aren't 50 bucks.  Let the pricing guide do its job, Let the customer enjoy the executive level of performance we offer.  Just being able to forego dropping off and picking up the car is worth the price of admission.  This guide has become the industry standard and is working all over the US. 

This is the cost of doing business; its is a bird dog, a spiff, a bonus for helping us find customers.  We spend serious money on Adwords and Facebook and this is no different. 

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